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Your benefits of using our capabilities of rail freight transport / to organize rail freight transportation

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rail transport =
(it’s) faster than (by) sea + (it’s) cheaper than (by) air

by sea

~ 20 000 km

~ 5+ weeks

by rail

~ 11 000 km

~ 2-3 weeks

by air

~ 8500 km

~ 3-7 days

Personalised approach

Effective solutions to specific logistics tasks: we are working out the optimal transport route considering all needs of the client.

Building of combined routes involving several transport modes for freight shipment from Southeast Asia (China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan).

Building routes in the ratio ‘budget – shipment time’:
We offer the best route even for budget freight.

Multipurpose solutions

Consulting service in logistics and foreign trade in order to reduce costs and mitigate shipment risks.

Issuance of all necessary documents for quick customs clearance.

Rail, sea, air and road freight transport to Russia, Kazakhstan, South-East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Trust foundation

Real-time cargo tracking in your personal account.

EDI technology: fast issuance, processing and transfer of all necessary documents in an electronic database in order to unify the cargo in any information system around the world, fully control the document flow, the status of documents and the degree of order fulfillment.

Information and technical support 24/7.

Safe freight shipment

Authorized persons localization at cargo departure points and border crossings.

Freight labelling and its proper loading in railway containers.

Constant control over freight condition, integrity and safety.

Cargo insurance and customs support.

Additional freight support as it passes through the regions with unfavorable socio-political situation.

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