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Growing demand for railway transportation due to the Suez Canal incident

Terms of railway cargo delivery: factors of influence and causes of delays in transit

Incoterms usage in the implementation of rail transport: features in practice

In connection with the incident that occurred in the Suez Canal, there has been a surge in demand for rail freight in the direction of China-Europe.

Despite the fact that rail transportation is the most versatile and reliable in comparison with other modes of transport, such transportation also has the risk of delaying cargo on the way, as a result, increasing the delivery time of cargo to the final destination.

Краткий экскурс в историю
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was created in 1919. It took up the study of trade terms in international transactions for the first time and created a set of Incoterms rules based on the study data.
In the edition of Incoterms of 1953, were approved the terms of delivery that do not apply to maritime transport: FOR and FOT.


Prohibitions and restrictions in the implementation of cargo transportation by rail

There are international norms and rules governing the transportation of goods by all possible modes of transport. These norms regulate the list of goods prohibited for transportation by rail, and goods that have specific features in the course of their transportation.


Deadlock decrease and demand reduce for China-Europe railway services

Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kazakhstan will establish a joint venture (JV) to enhance the capacity of the China-Europe Southern Corridor.

At present, the New Silk Road may face turbulent times, but instability also has a positive effect on the corridor. Deadlock on the New Silk Road has been significantly reduced and delay rates on all routes are much lower than at the beginning of the year.

Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kazakhstan are going to establish a joint venture to build the capacity of the China-Europe Southern Corridor

"Transit along the Silk Road will continue under any circumstances." How the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine will affect logistics and cargo transportation

Military operations in Ukraine continue. The conflict has also affected Belarus: it is already known that Kyiv has closed all checkpoints on the border with Belarus. How will the current situation affect the international transport and logistics system in general and Belarusian business in particular? What do the ones who directly transport cargo say? "Pro-Business" collected comments from representatives of this market.

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